theDigitalworkers's Report Writer has been developed to help document centric business process organization for driving excellence in analytics platform. A heavy emphasis on data from the big businesses has made theDigitalworkers's ReportWriterBOT to develop content and save them. Thus, creating thousands of articles of reports every second. With the Report Writer Utilities, part of a database management system, it extracts information from one or more files and presents the information in a specified format.

theDigitalworkers's Report writer is an AI based search engine, which searches databases and creates MI reports without any human intervention and provide analysis for a business process, which can be further optimized by customization according to your business needs. Once you have created a format for a report, you can save the format specifications in a file and continue reusing it for new data or study.

theDigitalworkers's ReportWriterBOT links humans with machines in the form of a powerful AI BOT that reads the information fed to it and generates automated reports, making Data and Analysis worthy for everyone to understand and how

Natural Language Generation through theDigitalworkers's BOT for automating - Information reading, Analysis and Generating a report

Customized to the language of choice

Securely turning data/information into reports

Automate businesses/processes completely

Reduce turnaround time to seconds, saving 100?s of man hours