Chat BOT

Process automation through ChatBOTs is the new norm to increase productivity and enhance customer experience, through a transparent manner. theDigitalworkers offers self learning ChatBOTs that can be trained to understand customer expectations and offer services to their requirements accordingly.

AI based BOT's can be deployed on digital properties like websites, internal portals, and mobile devices, to provide an omni-channel and a stable experience for users. Ready integration with Active Directory (AD/LDAP), ERP, CRM, and ECM systems to provide a wholesome experience to the users.

The BOT understands the statements, utterances and intent, and responds in natural language to the user, using text and images.

Under supervised learning, the ChatBOT enriches its knowledge based, and get better over time, on what queries to answer and on what queries to learn from, transfer the session to a live agent.

The ChatBOT is integrated with multiple line of business systems, to identify, authenticate and respond to questions that require looking up information across multiple LOB systems, all in a matter of seconds.

chat bot
  • ChatBOT-as-a-Service

    ★ New Customers (generate leads, enrolment, offer services)
    ★ Existing Customers (resolve issues, track service tickets)
    ★ Employees (onboarding, authentication, issue resolution, HR related)
    ★ Vendors (onboarding, authentication, invoice processing, issue tracking and resolution)

  • Integration with third party systems

    ★ Enterprise Content Management, ERP
    ★ Active Directory (AD), LDAP
    ★ Ticket Management System
    ★ SMS, Email
    ★ Identity and Authentication services including biometrics, OTP

Natural Language Processing

  • Text, Image and Voice based BOTs
  • Supervised training to understand and respond to queries
  • Easy customization to adapt to business processes

Omni Channel Experience

  • Establish BOTs at all user interface touch points - web, mobile
  • Ready integration with third party platforms - SAP, ERP, ECM platforms
  • Ready authentication on AD/LDAP

BOTs built on Microsoft LUIS framework

  • Add fast and effective NLP capabilities to BOTS
  • Understands users' intents and entities
  • Easily adaptable to existing or pre-built models to create specialized models on its own
  • Design knowledge BOTs to provide information instantly

Transfer to Live Agent

  • Receive highest quality help from the transfer of Live Agent Chats
  • Transfer knowledge, chat or information easily via - Transfer to Agent, Transfer to Skill, and Transfer to Button
  • Provide exceptional service to customers by Automating your service, support or help chat through a Live Agent

Case study

ChatBOTs for a large public sector

A PSU Oil Major automated its HR process with Employee Self Service ChatBOTs, to help it cope up with several thousands of queries, daily, from a 35,000+ employee-force. The queries are now serviced 24/7 and answers pulled from from several Line Of Business systems such as Payroll, SAP, Active Directory, CRM.

ROI: Immediate. All 35,000 employees now get their queries answered in seconds. Data is pulled from multiple LOB systems, with full compliance to SOPs. This not only reduces human fatigue but reduces downtime as well. Chat with the BOT on desktop or mobile.