With the growth in technologies, it becomes imperative to provide round the clock support to the customers. Customer is the soul to any business and businesses around the world are investing millions of money to achieve the swift and consistent responsiveness. Traditional modes of customer support costs companies a lot, as customers are no longer interested in waiting for slow responsiveness from them. Introduction of ChatBOTs, the virtual assistants is the new face to boost customer support and responsiveness.

In recent times, the BOT enhanced customer support has been on a rise due to their self-learning and NLP abilities which helps to resolve customer grievances/queries quicker than a sales representative could. They key is in choosing the right ChatBOT for your business which will adapt and enhance your business.


Simplify your tedious form filling process and make your online experience easier. theDigitalworkers's form filling BOT allows you to automatically fill the form and shorten the web filling process by just a click of a button. theDigitalworkers's form filler BOT is ideal for forms for the purpose of online shopping , registrations, enquiries, contests, resumes and more.

theDigitalworkers's form filler BOT is a step ahead among the other form filler BOTs as it is equipped with the added feature of intelligent voice, where you can fill the form by taking voice commands and further enhanced with the QR code capabilities added to the existing applications.

This BOT parses a scanned image of a physical application form, and generates the software with a user interface, along with the database tables, ready for data entry. It automates a rather painful process of programming a user interface and backend tables/ databases, middleware etc.

Auto Form Filling BOT
  • theDigitalworkers's form filling automation enhances your business and exactly why you should go with them

    ★ Saves time with voice based automated form filling process
    ★ Simplified process
    ★ Form filler BOT is compatible with multi platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows
    ★ Easy to use and secure platform

Add intelligent voice and QR code capabilities to existing applications

Chat BOT capabilities

Speak to BOT, fill up forms without typing and continue processing as usual


ChatBOTS will be the principle correspondence channel in the coming a long time as they can possibly scale their best at client benefit and acquire new open doors for deals lead age in bigger volumes. Whatever your objective might be - generate leads, declaration of another item/administration and the sky's the limit from there, a predefined set of focus for the age of offers lead and examining, testing and enhancing client benefit with ChatBOTS.

Transform your business from the current one-way mode of digital lead generation channels where the user interaction has been restricted, with chatBOTs you can convert the user interaction into conversation, fetching scaled results. ChatBOTs help easily to convert leads when followed up quickly, and maximizes time saved.

With Chabots you can increase your sales prospects and how?

Find leads and accounts in your target market

Get real-time insights for warm outreach

Build trusted and long term relationships with your sales prospects

Helps you makes informed decisions about your customers and helps you what exactly to communicate with them

Maximize business with automation and help the sales team in qualifying the leads


The future of customer service are ChatBOTs as they not only can be programmed to cross-sell a company's complete portfolio of products/services, also have conversations with the customer and register their complaints and provide quicker resolutions. Customer services are embracing ChatBOTS more than before as they promise an intelligent virtual assistants to resolve customer requests economically, quickly and consistently.

theDigitalworkers's ChatBOT's can be trained to handle the daily customer queries that make up to the most of the complaint requests where the solutions are predictable. With a growing time-poor customers and a growing expectation of customer complaint requests, ChatBOTs are a one-touch resolution platform for Customer Cares. Automation of customer request handling and reduces complaint processing time, and turn customers into happy customer. Thus, boosting business and saving costs and increasing revenues.

ChatBOTs are evolving to replace customer support representative and having a paradigm shift and how

Faster response time and first call resolution with 24/7*365 support

Better customer experiences and lower cost with ChatBOTs

Makes customer service easy, while retaining customers

ChatBOTs automatically keeps track of the complaints and update the customer without any human intervention


Tired of long queues of calls or emails from customers? Tired of endless transfers of calls from one customer support executive to another?

Empower yourself with easy transfer of queries through a Live Agent through Live ChatBOTs. Live Agent is an all in one customer support software for Ticketing, Live chats, Support Portal, Call Center, Social Network Management and more.

Improve your customers experience and responsiveness by Transfer to Live Agents

Receive highest quality help from the transfer of Live Agent Chats

Transfer knowledge,chat or information easily via - Transfer to Agent, Transfer to Skill, and Transfer to Button

Provide exceptional service to customers by Automating your service, support or help chat through a Live Agent