Data Entry BOT

In today's day businesses are looking to reinvent themselves while they cut costs and decrease manual intervention/labour. One of the biggest trend the business world is going to meet is replacing data entry job with BOTs. theDigitalworkers's DataEntryBOT is designed to replicate the action of humans in data entry into an ERP platform. The BOT will capture and interpret the existing applications used in a variety of business processes. Once the BOT is trained and grasps the process/s functions, it automatically manipulates data, communicate with other systems and process transactions as required.

Sales reps across the world are tired of repetitive, rule-based tasks and kills in their productive time and efficiency which affects the company. Whether it is filling in macros or filling the data into other applications, the repetitive jobs which require programming knowledge can be manipulated and done by the DataEntryBOTs. The BOTs through intelligent automation can convert paper to word and excel automatically, backed by Optical Character Recognition.

Data Entry BOT
There are no changes to the third party software. Hence, this BOT is useful in situations where validations of entered values are done on the user interface, and the business logic need not be modified.
  • With DataEntryBOTs businesses can

    ★ With DataEntryBOT, bulk of mundane and repetitive work gets done by the BOTs intelligence

    ★ BOTs will enhance the nature of work and increase efficiency time by eliminating repetitive tasks

    ★ Elimination of errors leading to quicker and better leads and file automation

    ★ Intelligent automation with 24/7 support by the BOTs

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