Employee Onboarding

HR’s are progressively utilizing chatbots to direct representative overviews to streamline the onboarding procedure. In addition to being a valuable tool in your onboarding procedure, chatbots give new hires a powerful support and an introduction to the company. In addition, theDigitalworkers's chatbots will be able to distribute employee surveys to new team members to rapidly and productively get input on the onboarding knowledge.

Why spend time of the HR by repeating the onboarding process like - form filling, queries, onboarding process, employee training documents, company policies, and more, when the chatbots can teach your employees the process by itself. Lighten the load of the HR department by letting BOTS answer the new hires enquiries, which are repeated most of the times with accurate and quick answers.

Empower your new employees and back them with the power to ask any question they may have during the onboarding process without the fear of taking away the time from the HR’s and make your company the forefront runner in the digital transformation space.

Employee Onboarding
  • With theDigitalworkers's chatbots you can automate the employee onboarding process and how

    ★ Simplify and automate the onboarding paperwork of employees
    ★ Guiding the new hires with company policies and guide them form filling online
    ★ The Chatbots will work as a knowledge library of the company for the employees
    ★ Chatbots to serve as a virtual clock for check-in, sign-in of the employees and also act as a shift management tool
    ★ Chatbots can conduct surveys, quizzes, and more

Chatbots for quick onboarding

Acts as a self-training BOT for the new hires

Chatbots as virtual assistants

Chatbots to deliver a better workforce environment