Computer Vision

Optimize your business efficiency and get rid of bottlenecks and hurdles in your process with Analytics and Process Intelligence. Get a real-time analytics and insights into your day-to-day business affairs and gain deep visibility into your process and operational performance.

Our Process Intelligence will help you get over the mundane and simple automated aspects of your business and provide you greater visibility and monitoring of your business process and study customer behaviours, risk factors and more, which in turn will help you achieve greater operation gains and performance.

theDigitalworkers's Object Analytics solution enhances observation frameworks by adding intelligence to cameras, recognizing objects such as individuals, vehicles, structures, and anything that algorithms can be trained for.

In businesses where safety is of utmost importance, Object Analytics from theDigitalworkers can enhance the general security level of the work force and equipment by providing end to end smart video surveillance and a robust response system based on Deep Neural Networks.








theDigitalworkers's Toll Booth Vehicle Identification Solution is a tailor-made applications developed for automatic vehicle identification based on theDigitalworkers's VisionBOT. Our technology not only captures the vehicles and the number plates, it also tracks the different characteristics of the vehicles such as the make, model, colour and more. Our solution is automatic and customized for your vehicle tracking requirements.

Object Analytics

The image displays theDigitalworkers's Object Analytics tool capturing data in traffic. The deep learning algorithm is enumerating traffic on a highway.

  • With theDigitalworkers's Toll Booth Vehicle Identification Solution you can

    ★ Vehicle identification based on the latest laser technology
    ★ Identification of vehicles with accurate, high-performance and camera-based number plate recognition
    ★ ITechnology deployed is reliable and secure, as it provides the best detection of the vehicles
    ★ Toll Booth operations made faster with automatic vehicle authentication and automated solutions